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Gunzerk for 90 seconds with Game Front’s full text guide: This video achievement guide gives tips and tricks for all of the Borderlands 2 Gunzerkers out there looking to claim the So Much Blood achievement, obtained by Gunzerking continuously for 90 seconds. This achievement is only obtainable by the Gunzerker class. To unlock it, you’ll need to gunzerk continuously for 90 seconds. Focus on the Gunzerker’s Rampage Skill Tree. Max out “Filled to the Brim,” “Lasts Longer,” and “Yippee Ki Yay.” If you manage to find a Class Mod that increases any one of those three skills, your chances of unlocking the achievement will increase dramatically. Next, you’ll need to find lots of enemies to kill. Try the Bandit’s Circle of Slaughter in The Fridge. Come back when you can handle the enemies without much trouble to make this challenge easier. All the Bandits in the first level are human, so try using fire-based elemental weapons. Try to equip Quick Regenerating Shields — you’ll need to be in the action, and you won’t have much time to run and hide for a recharge. You’ll need to keep kills coming quickly to build and keep your gunzerker charge. If you’re near the end of the round and don’t think you’ll unlock the achievement, try restarting. If you complete Round 1, you won’t be able to play it again unless you enter someone else’s game. For more Borderlands 2 achievement guides/easter eggs check out the following videos: Minecraft Easter Egg: So Much Blood

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  1. therealfriday13th says:

    Don’t do it in round 1? Do it in round 2, ya featherweight!

  2. Rydeman2 says:

    ok what you said makes no sense. if salvadors skills dont last very long as you say, then why would a none experienced gamer play as him?? he would be more difficult to use if his skills didnt last as long. this guy i commented to said salvador sucked so its pretty obvious neither of you have played through the whole game and ranked up to level 50 as him. salvador is overpowered as hell if you get to awesome weapons and invest your points in the rampage skill tree

  3. BboyErdawg says:

    fuck you

  4. W4RH34D187 says:

    that escalated quickly jesus calm the fuck down its a game, just for the record salvador take hardly any damage in gunzerking mode for around 30 seconds all of the other powers are nowhere near as long, salvador to me feels like he was meant for a gamer who has not had much experience. or for someone who refuses to take a bit of time with the game and not run through it.know the game a bit more before talking so much shit

  5. Pinuphead says:

    i was watching these all in one sitting but i got sick of the 30 sec ad every time.

  6. Rydeman2 says:

    are you kidding me??? salvador is the fucking best!! does salvador need to turn invisible like a pussy and hide from his enemies like zero?? NO!! does he need help from a pathetic turret like axton?? NO!! does he need to freeze his enemies in place so they are easier to shoot like maya?? NO!! he just runs in there like a badass and looks his enemies in the eye and fucks them up like rambo..

  7. thewastelander123 says:

    but, but, but… He is chud studly!!!!!!

  8. liam cape says:

    1.whoever doesnt play this game is a loser and 2.mitchel should be ashamed for choosing gunzerker ATLEAST choose axton or zero salvador SUCKS.

  9. jod125 says:

    Why are you watching this then! you idiot

  10. monkeyfishfrog425 says:

    Borderlands 2 is a great game. jagex KILL URSELF u fag who doesnt play the greatest game developed by 2K games and Gearbox Software BORDERLANDS 2

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  14. KonyHawkProSlaver says:

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  15. TFullsify says:

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  16. redjaredits says:

    why look up an achievement and post a video for the game when you know you are going to get nothing but hate.

  17. gingercraft3 says:

    Hey jägex that’s what u do huh bc I don’t know anyone who could put a whole life in a paragraph without it being theirs

  18. 4444dutchie says:

    Jagex if you are gonna curse some one out at least try to use some shred of coherency when putting your sentences together. Hell the psychos in borderlands can put a scentence together better than you and they are insane. Also don’t trash borderlands 2 it’s an amazing game.

  19. DurdenGJ says:

    pathetic meaningless life? You are the one that is coming on a YouTube video of a game you have no interest in… seriously fucking learn to troll you dumb shit.

  20. JagexGotServed says:

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  21. insertrandomnamenow says:

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  22. JagexGotServed says:

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  23. HarmfulDesign says:

    Can you please do a video guide on how to find Jimmy Jenkins?

  24. DurdenGJ says:

    So’s your face

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