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Bokwa Fitness is the best fitness workout since Zumba. Created by native South African phenom Paul Mavi, Bokwa brings a new level of excitement, energy and pure tribal fire to the fitness market. DVD scheduled for national release in the upcoming months. Video directed by Kevin O Steib. Produced by Biz Boosta Marketing.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 In this funny cartoon, an honest factory worker learns the truth about his favorite department store that there’s a very high cost for everyday low prices. Namely, unemployment! View the original version of this video in high-res: Want more JibJab? Visit us at: Register to get access to new JibJab releases Read our blog: Follow us on Twitter: Become a fan on Facebook: Add us on MySpace: Visit our YouTube Channel:

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  1. debby2190 says:

    I really like it…I just think that to promote you shouldn’t have to knock down or compair. Promote for what it is, take credit for results and leave Zumba out of it…Respect goes a long way and loyalty will follow. You’ve never heard any one from Zumba Management ever make negative comments…they truly ignore ignorance…Prosperity always

  2. xenillia says:


  3. MrShadow40 says:

    Paul Mavi is a complete rip off and a total fake.

  4. smukase says:

    lol the dude is on fire! let him make money off these white ppl for a change haha as long as we can make money off their crazy asses we ll even teach them how to climb trees lmfao

  5. MeMyselfAndEyez says:

    There’s not one black shirt in the video! All the exercise has gone to your head!

  6. TheMonicah13 says:

    Looks like a lot of fun!!

  7. louisewhomackable says:

    I do zumba every week. I tried bokwa last night and it is great!!!! It is way harder than zumba and I sweated loads!! try it its so good!!!

  8. lmar00001 says:

    I see u B keep doing your thing it looks like a lot of fun and a great workout.

  9. s2me89 says:

    that looks so much fun

  10. youllneverknowxxx1 says:

    You need to try it before you judge, it’s actually great fun in my opinion and this is very basic, and saying as i do zumba as well i can say it is so much better. Live a little and no you don’t have to wear ‘illuminous clothes’ most people wear black shirts or something. But as for morons in tracksuits i’d have accepted your opinions, now i just think you’re an arse with an attitude.

  11. poonka8429 says:

    no hating on him … this looks fun and looks like itll wrk w/ all the moving MOVING is the KEY :)

  12. MeMyselfAndEyez says:

    good grief, what a load of old cack.
    surprise – move around a bit, you’ll lose weight and/or get fit!
    i’d rather just take the dog out for a run!
    i need not wear luminous pants to do that either!
    get to see some outdoors too rather than morons in tracksuits.

  13. TheSchaba100 says:

    where did you learn this in South Africa dude aint nothing like this out here . Please dude represent us properly it looks so distorted and premitive -

  14. dreammepr74 says:

    I stick to zumba…by the way it sounds like the tribal music mexicans dance at the clubs here in Texas

  15. GixxxerKim says:

    Looks energetic, but seems so hard to follow. The moves aren’t as predictable as a zumba class. And how boring around the 2 min mark.  just doing this swing move over and over. looks more like a step class without the step. Lots of geeking the camera, but I’m totally confused already. I’d recommend the African Healing Dance workouts with Wyoma instead. At least she gets to the foundation of the moves, and is more about connecting with spirit through physical practice. A 2 part benefit.

  16. donna201121 says:

    does anyone know if they do this in leeds pls x

  17. rr3bbs says:

    Brilliant workout crazy moves had a great time when you visited Vicky’s class in the UK.

  18. Angelicsun87 says:

    Is the dude with the long hair Brian Mavi?

  19. brndastr2 says:

    Paul – I just got home from taking your master class. That is the most fun I’ve had in a group ex class in a long time. You rock! I can’t wait to do it again! C U in February!

  20. SprinklePuppyCupcake says:

    love the workout also the curtins iin the back reminds me of the kids choice awards!

  21. Korina10100 says:

    name of the song please?

    it is like high low steps with african music. he is good.

  22. jade9624 says:

    love it xx

  23. GiselaGoesRawr says:

    die frau rechts sieht echt geil aus ^^

  24. tarantinie2000 says:

    WWOOOWW!!!! this is fucken crazy!! i want to do it…

  25. ac19Dark says:

    Nice to get a test on it.

  26. AppleOnIce says:

    democratic communism would be betr

  27. AppleOnIce says:

    no blame walmart people are to stupid to not be indoctrinated by evil capitalist values

  28. YouWillBeOwnedFFS says:

    KONY 2012

  29. SuperWaveShredder says:

    This is the last time I’ll shop at Wal-Mart

  30. rskopec7 says:

    RON PAUL 2012!

  31. TheHoopaScoopa says:

    Obama 2012

  32. catagon12345 says:

    Don’t blame walmart. Blame the shoppers. If you just pay the extra few cents, and go without a few things if financial situations get tough, we can build america back up, and that money eventually will start circulating around back to us instead of in the bowels of communist china

  33. MetalicaFan2007 says:

    omg shut up and watch the movie there plato
    if you got a view right a book all your doing is starting a pointless argument to block up the comments section here

  34. Anonymous says:

    Yes and no, its kind of changed over the years.
    Communism was the first theory to come out, and they used socialism as another word for communism in many ways, but it had a more general feel than the strict tenets of marxist communism and included collectivists, maoists, and others.
    As this was gaining ground, capitalism needed an answer to communism that would be attractive to the working classes. This was known as Democratic Socialism, and what we refer today to as mainstream socialism.

  35. Tezuka415 says:

    All of high school econ in 2:24

  36. Evnyofdeath says:

    We watched this in economics a few days ago. Very sad that this is the situation American business is in.

  37. stitch890 says:

    I have to agree incredibly with this one. It is really good.

  38. turtlesarecool95 says:


  39. cattoes666 says:

    being fat is not a good thing

  40. annoyingorange says:

    and no i am not republican,i am neither

  41. annoyingorange says:


  42. cattoes666 says:

    fat republican

  43. ccraigd89 says:

    uh no..actually communism is a form of socialism.

  44. annoyingorange says:

    my ass

  45. cattoes666 says:

    Obama 2012

  46. rskopec7 says:

    Ron Paul 2012!

  47. Krisnelson1969 says:

    to fireshashu: believe it or not, socialism is a form of “communism.”

  48. Krisnelson1969 says:

    this video shows and demonstrates the sad effects of a “global economy.” who would think that foreign countries, like Japan, China, and Mexico, are making our American goods for cheap labor, while the plants and service industries in our country shut down, and people are forced to work in low-wage service jobs, with no chance ever of a retirement. How sad.

  49. fireshashu says:

    soon enough were all gonna live in a communist country whether we like it or not.

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