TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) | TBN’s Profit, Power, Pimping and a Pink Poodle. TBN is exposed in this video by Trey Smith. TBN’s financial scams, TBN’s shill companies, TBN’s sexual allegations, TBN’s secret jet planes…. TBN’s Jan Crouch & Paul Crouch may be in trouble. Special thanks to: Bill O’Reilly, Fox News, Glenn Beck, Discovery Channel, History Channel, CNN, Yahoo News, Google News, Ole Anthony, Trinity Foundation. Other Trey Smith videos: Mayan Planet Alignment 2012 | Mayan Calendar godinanutshell.com Benny Hinn Exposed | Benny Hinn Occult, Lies and Secrets godinanutshell.com Trey Smith book Thieves (ONE DIRTY TV PASTOR AND THE MAN WHO ROBBED HIM) website: www.readthieves.com To contact Trey Smith: www.treysmithbooks.com or Facebook www.facebook.com 1) God in a Nutshell Project www.godinanutshell.com 2) Trey Smith | Thieves Official site | One dirty TV pastor and the man who robbed him http 3) Trey Smith Books official site. www.treysmithbooks.com This is the official website for author Trey Smith. Interestingly enough, the very man (Smith) who took a lot of heat for releasing a book in early 2011 about his involvement with a TV pastor and the safe robbery that followed, has received many unsolicited yet positive reviews for the fast-paced novelistic style of the book, interview requests… and also surpassed the sales levels for “internet bestseller” and “self-published bestseller” within the first few months after release. This is with nearly ZERO
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. 74MercuryMan says:

    Shocking. You know what the Bible says about the love of money (not money alone). “Give God your grocery money?” what arrogance, this people are not to be believed. God bless their grandaughter for whistleblowing on them all the while admitting her own failures, that gives her excellent credibility. The way they have treated her since that is very telling about the kind of people they are.

  2. Diane johnson says:

    this is terrible. I WILL NOT WATCH TBS AGAIN.

  3. soxster101 says:

    I agree with all this….TV preachers are FALSE PROPHETS! But dude! You got to do something with the hands!!!!! If you are practicing your “jazz” hands while making your vids to save time PLEASE stop! Budget you time more wisely!

  4. mrpocbacs says:

    wat do u promise 2give bak? they promise the love of god & i do believe that they can heal those that truely believe,the holy spirit needs not be with you in the television program,the holy sppirit needs to be with you in jesus,buying ur book what can i expect from that…will u study daily with me and pray over me and family by the spirit,or will u curse the ground of the spirit and leave me distitute after you take my money,god will give back if they are stealing,but what can i expect from u?

  5. mrpocbacs says:

    who is the bigger thief you or them?

  6. mrpocbacs says:

    if t.b.n. was a radio station with very little funding would you be this interested? the new testament apostles were not perfect,they each one had their faults,how many law suits were there in those days against the apostles & know that law suits were not unheard of? 2day there are many people disrespecting god,look in the mirror & see that 2B true…we as humans are not perfect,do you make a living off of stalking unperfect christians,if so you are going to make a good living,we are not perfect

  7. SurpriseGuest1 says:

    Love your work and I’m getting your book but Dude, in this vid… You are describing Bono from U2!

  8. 66gingerly says:

    This is what happens when we trust man instead of God!

  9. mistyeyedsister says:

    tbn make ppl emotional so they dont think anymore other thing they say is u werent healed bc u sin how hurtful this is or ppl didnt pray right way they make ppl nervous and scared

  10. G33KB01 says:

    TBN don’t even deserve my spit in their faces. Worthless, soul less, hypocritical low lifes misleading people to god

  11. kimiscool7 says:

    Thanks for the Video…I grew up watching TBN but this channel is a fraud..the way they try to ask for donation through “selling” holy water other stuff!!! I cant stand this network..

  12. mauricehiraheta says:

    Sounds like maybe you would like to have some of that money you fast talker you.

  13. jesusisthesheperd says:

    what god do they serve not my GOD .thee god is money i get it now lol

  14. wildflower5586 says:


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